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“Better depth of field gives perfect photo but Pixniks believe in adding one more dimension of photography is “Depth of Feel”. A photo captures the moment and emotions attached to that event not only the actions and posture of people or surroundings. Pixniks help people, organizations, and society to create memorable stories using various series of photos and depth of feel.”

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Shubhendu Shekhar
Passionate Photographer

In Today’s world, mostly everyone is taking at least 1 photo per day to capture their day to day happiness and cheering moments. This was not an easy task in 90’s, when people or companies use to hire a professional to capture those moments.

I developed my hobbies during that time and used my first camera as KODAK with rolls. For me, taking a photo is not only capturing the moment, but it is also an art of creating story using various images. I started with inhouse photography and moved to street and nature photography. Captured almost millions of photos using various digital devices.


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