Shubhendu Shekhar
Passionate Photographer

In Today’s world, mostly everyone is taking at least 1 photo per day to capture their day to day happiness and cheering moments. This was not an easy task in 90’s, when people or companies use to hire a professional to capture those moments.

I developed my hobbies during that time and used my first camera as KODAK with rolls. For me, taking a photo is not only capturing the moment, but it is also an art of creating story using various images. I started with inhouse photography and moved to street and nature photography. Captured almost millions of photos using various digital devices.

In the recent past, I connected with many professional photographers to learn more and enhance my photography skills. I started working on the model shoot, fashion photography & making short movies. My hobbies turned into a passion and now passion turned into the goal of life. I help people, organization and franchisees for their marketing, advertisement and branding using digital, social media and print media platforms. I believe a good pic or image tells more than the words or you speak.

I am an analytics professional with many years to experience data analysis & consulting, I understand the power of information. Innovation can be initiated when the power of analytics and photographic skill will come together to help society, organization, and people.

I would like to thank Mr. Hitesh Pawadiya for motivating me to collect all my photos and share them with you on Pixniks.

I would like to thank Miss. Nikita Sood for her excellent support, initiative & motivation towards opening Pixniks.com. She is a co-founder member of Pixniks. She is working professional, model and actress too.

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